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Bestel vandaag HP Enterprise Microsoft Windows Server bij Max ICT ✓Gratis verzending ✓Betalen in 3 Termijnen ✓Ruim Assortiment ✓Bel voor Advies. Bestel vandaag Microsoft Windows Server , Sngl, bij Max ICT ✓Gratis verzending ✓Betalen in 3 Termijnen ✓Ruim Assortiment ✓Bel voor Advies. Wij maken software eenvoudig! Bij lizengo krijgt iedereen de software om aan de slag te gaan: Kopen. Windows Server Standard. vanaf € ,

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Windows server kopen price

Microsoft Exchange Server for Business

Show More Because Microsoft has shifted to a more gradual upgrade of Windows Server, many of the features that will become available with Windows Server have already been in use in live corporate networks, and here are half a dozen of the best.

Get regularly scheduled insights by signing up for Network World newsletters. While the fundamental components of HCI compute, storage and networking have been improved with the Semi-Annual Channel releases, for organizations building datacenters and high-scale software defined platforms, Windows Server is a significant release for the software-defined datacenter.

With the latest release, HCI is provided on top of a set of components that are bundled in with the server license. This means a backbone of servers running HyperV to enable dynamic increase or decrease of capacity for workloads without downtime. For more on Microsoft HCI go here. Project Honolulu With the release of Windows Server , Microsoft will formally release their Project Honolulu server management tool. Early adopters have found the simplicity of management that Project Honolulu provides by rolling up common tasks such as performance monitoring PerfMon , server configuration and settings tasks, and the management of Windows Services that run on server systems.

This makes these tasks easier for administrators to manage on a mix of servers in their environment. Rather than assuming firewalls along the perimeter of an enterprise will prevent any and all security compromises, Windows Server assumes servers and applications within the core of a datacenter have already been compromised.

Windows Server includes Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection ATP that assess common vectors for security breaches, and automatically blocks and alerts about potential malicious attacks.

Smaller, more efficient containers Organizations are rapidly minimizing the footprint and overhead of their IT operations and eliminating more bloated servers with thinner and more efficient containers. Windows Insiders have benefited by achieving higher density of compute to improve overall application operations with no additional expenditure in hardware server systems or expansion of hardware capacity. Windows Server has a smaller, leaner ServerCore image that cuts virtual machine overhead by percent.

When an organization can get the same or more functionality in a significantly smaller image, the organization is able to lower costs and improve efficiencies in IT investments. Windows subsystem on Linux A decade ago, one would rarely say Microsoft and Linux in the same breath as complimentary platform services, but that has changed. Windows Server has open support for Linux instances as virtual machines, and the new Windows Server release makes huge headway by including an entire subsystem optimized for the operation of Linux systems on Windows Server.

The Windows Subsystem for Linux extends basic virtual machine operation of Linux systems on Windows Server, and provides a deeper layer of integration for networking, native filesystem storage and security controls. It can enable encrypted Linux virtual instances. Enterprises have found the optimization of containers along with the ability to natively support Linux on Windows Server hosts can decrease costs by eliminating the need for two or three infrastructure platforms, and instead running them on Windows Server Rand Morimoto is owner of the consulting firm Convergent Computing , which was Microsoft's Global Partner of the Year and an early adopter organization across all of the Microsoft products and services.

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