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With it, you can create a highly available and high-performance data storage layer for the applications and solutions in Azure. SQL Database can be the right choice for a variety of modern cloud applications because it enables you to process both relational data and non-relational structures , such as graphs, JSON, spatial, and XML. You can use advanced query processing features, such as high-performance in-memory technologies and intelligent query processing. You get the newest SQL Server capabilities with no overhead for patching or upgrading, tested across millions of databases. SQL Database enables you to easily define and scale performance within two different purchasing models:

Azure SQL Database is a managed database service which is different from AWS RDS which is a container service. Microsoft Azure SQL Database includes built-in intelligence that learns app patterns and adapts to maximize performance, reliability, and data protection. Parameter, Description. Hostname, Server name that hosts Azure SQL Database. The format is: SQL Authentication. Locate the Azure SQL Server database server name, identify necessary connection information, and choose an authentication method (Windows or SQL Server).

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Different ways to Backup your Windows Azure SQL Database – Microsoft Azure Support Team Blog

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