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Microsoft MapPoint - North America Retail License Microsoft MapPoint North America - PC - 1 PC *WILL ONLY WORK ON WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS VISTA, AND WINDOWS 7. MapPoint Updated maps--New geographic and demographic data; Customize map settings--Choose whether cities, highways, local roads and parks show on your map5/5(1). Apr 22,  · The MapPoint software is a good mapping program for the price. After a good amount of research, I found very few types of mapping software that have the capabilities of MapPoint, but are under $1, I was able to take tables from Excel and import them into MapPoint with ease/5(47). Buy Online Microsoft MapPoint North America. Microsoft Office XPMar 16, · Before you hit the road, plug in your stops and MapPoint plots the most efficient course with .

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Create maps using custom Map Settings to display your data with only the details you want to appear. Easily turn labels on or off, change font style or map style. Dramatically improve decision-making by bringing clarity to tabular data. Use information-rich maps to illuminate important data relationships, identify business trends, and illustrate opportunities. Create sales territories and share performance maps to clearly visualize, analyze, and communicate business information. Combine business data with included demographics to target potential customers and focus decisions. MapPoint helps you streamline your travel:


Microsoft MapPoint - Mapping Demographic Data and Layering Sales Data on Top

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