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Frequently Asked Questions Q: Do Sanden compressors contain refrigerant oil? Refrigerant oil is installed in Sanden compressors at the factory. Check the compressor label for the type and amount of oil. Can I buy a compressor directly from Sanden? Direct sales from Sanden is only available via our website. Use the Find Your Compressor feature to find and purchase your compressor.

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This is definitely looking like a favorable option in terms of levels of maintenance and portability. Oil-free tanks certainly provide that option better than small air compressors with oil lubricated tanks. The Noise Factor One of the big considerations for small air compressors is how noisy they will be and how much that bothers you.

It might be very important to you that they are quiet as to not disrupt your workspace overly, or you may not care if they are just for quick jobs such as pumping up your tires. However, it is worth noting that some small air compressors operate very quietly as low as 60 decibels and some really do make a roar. So with that in mind, always check if this is something that will sway your decision either way.

Remember that just because an air compressor is quiet, does not mean that it is less powerful and likewise just because an air compressor kicks out a lot of noise does not mean that it has a lot of power to back it up! What are Small Air Compressors used For? It is important to know what small air compressors are actually used for and therefore find out if they are indeed the product you require.

In reality, they have a number of different functions attached to them and can be used for various jobs in various circumstances. They are used generally, however, as a power source for tools in construction and DIY jobs.

They pump air often high pressured into gas cylinders to power machinery and tools though they can also be used to pump up tires normally for cars or motorcycles as well. They are a time-saving tool, allowing you to complete the task at hand much faster than if you were to undertake it manually.

The types of tools they can power include but are not exclusive: There are some really good options on the market for people wanting air compressors for this purpose; definitely worth checking out reviews if this is what you are looking for. Of course, what you want the small air compressor for will ultimately dictate which level of air compressor you buy. The more powerful ones are obviously better suited for someone who wishes to run multiple tools at any given time, though if this is not the case, it may be worth considering one that uses less power and functions more slowly.

Either way, there are plenty of options for either. How do Small Air Compressors Work? Small air compressors essentially push air from the tank in the unit, into the tools that you want to use for either DIY, hobbies or work purposes. They can be gas powered or electrically powered, and that is down to personal preference as to where you are going to be using your air compressor. Gas powered air compressors are generally heavier, but more durable and have a bit more power attached to them.

Electrical air compressors are generally more portable and more suited to smaller workspaces. The majority of air compressors have motors that regulate the tank usage and capacity, i. Air compressors use a variety of different oils, however, in general, a specific oil for air compressors should be bought and used otherwise the product will not work properly, and the maintenance required will be of a much higher rate than otherwise.

It does not matter if it is standard or synthetic, that is down to personal choice. Always read the instructions and recommendations from the company that will come with the small air compressor.

This is the best and smartest way to decide which oil to use and will provide the best results. Did you know? The air compressor has a rich history with a long origin story. It has seen many primitive models and designs that ultimately led to the advance model we have available for us today, but early designs started way back in the s with the same basic principles and ideas behind them.

Expert Tip It is definitely worth studying the CFM of the air compressor; if you get this wrong, then you will get the whole product wrong and ultimately waste your money and time on something that is a bad fit for your project needs. With the right CFM, the air compressor can last a long time and go a long way, so make sure you have done your research! Related Posts.

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