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Review Microsoft SQL Server licensing and pricing to find the perfect edition for your licensing data sheet · Read the SQL Server licensing guide. Jul 5, - This guide teaches you the basics of Microsoft's SQL licensing and the different options available to Microsoft SQL servers and their licensing. Jun 24, - Microsoft SQL Server licensing can be complicated and even a little Two users are accessing the SQL Servers – (2) SQL Server User CALs.

If you have, welcome to the club! There are so many components to it that it can get crazy fast. The information in this article lays out some of the more important aspects of SQL licensing to be mindful of, as well as, situations where you may want to consider each. So any old timers out there that are still on a grandfathered plan then you will need to work with your rep. SQL Licensing Guide I highly recommend working with Microsoft or a 3rd party re-seller to obtain licenses and talk with them about your plan. Additionally, I also recommend getting any information they give you in writing. Unfortunately people make mistakes on this topic and things can get miscommunicated and you do not want that.

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The purpose of this post is to cut through that complexity at an introductory level and then delve deeper in future posts. The previous release of SQL Server was commercially available in four editions: Enterprise edition Standard edition Developer The key difference here being that the licensing and product function of Business Intelligence edition has been absorbed into the Enterprise edition. SQL Server Express is available as a free download from Microsoft, but it must be noted there are limitations on its supported system requirements. For an overview of the available editions and supported scale of SQL Server, click here. How are SQL Server licenses sold?

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