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Sep 29, - The SQL Server Standard edition provides the option for Server + CAL licensing. Under this model, each server running SQL Server software requires a server license, and every user and/or device accessing SQL Server requires a SQL Server CAL. The open licensing cost is $ for the server and $ per CAL. Jun 24, - What SQL Server Editions are currently available? The cost of licensing SQL Server Standard is too high based on server access. Microsoft SQL Server Standard - license - 16 cores - with MS Windows Server Standard (ROK) Estimate the total price of this item. Stock 3 in stock.

Many organizations will find this an attractive proposition, and in some circumstances, it is. However, there are a number of disadvantages and restrictions making it important to consider very carefully whether taking advantage of the VSDE route makes sense. Five reasons to take a chance It is free — although the commercially licensed version of SQL Server is often less expensive that other leading database products anyway, you cannot get it cheaper than for zero cost. While it may only be used for non-operational purposes, the developer edition is still a good way of trying out new functions, testing, training, and so on. It is fully loaded — it has all the same functions as the licensed SQL Server Enterprise edition, not a cut down version. This is important if you are using it to build applications that will eventually become real products or services. It is unlimited — you can deploy any number of copies on an unlimited number of devices, including virtual machines hosted on multitenant infrastructure. It is easily downgradeable — you can use the license to access SQL Server Developer Edition, without having to acquire a separate license for it. It is free — did I mention that already? Therefore, while you could demonstrate an app to a client, you could not let that client play around with it themselves afterwards.

Sql server 2016 cost cost

As promised, here is my full report. This first post covers the basics of SQL licensing. My next post will cover how to license SQL in a virtual environment. Not much has changed. If you need to get up to speed, you can read my posts here , here , here , and here. There is only one major change … the Business Intelligence BI edition has been eliminated from the lineup. So, here is a basic list of the SQL Server editions: As noted in the chart, the Developer and Express editions are free.

You can download them from Microsoft. The Developer edition is a full-featured version of the product, but the use rights are limited to test and development purposes only. Beware of Microsoft audits! The Express edition can be used in production environments but has an extremely limited feature set, as you would expect for a free product. Enterprise is distinguished by advanced features related to business intelligence, data management, and security: There are two other editions not listed on the chart above: Again, if you are familiar with previous versions of SQL Server, there are no surprises here: Option one is to license the server and then purchase Client Access Licenses CALs for every user or device that accesses it.

Even users who indirectly access the server still need a CAL see my post here for more info. Each server license allows you to run a single instance of SQL Server in a physical or virtual environment. Option two is to license the processor cores within the server. There is a minimum purchase requirement of four core licenses per server, even if you have only one or two cores. For every server you license this way either physical or virtual you can run a single instance of SQL Server Core licenses come in packs of two.

For new purchases, the Enterprise edition is only available through the core licensing model, but the Standard edition is available in either one.

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