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In the latest version of Windows 10, this morphed into the more succinct 'Timeline' feature the hotly anticipated no-show for the Fall update , allowing you to easily skim through files and documents to find the one you were last working on. With this feature, you can easily scroll back in time and locate things. The version, too, allows you to save files to your preferred cloud, such as ideally for Microsoft OneDrive.

Improved security and management The biggest improvements for IT staff in the Windows 10 Fall Update were around security and management, including an upgrade to Windows Defender. Microsoft has leveraged its huge data pool and applied AI techniques - which it calls the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph - to detect and remove malware before it has a chance to get into your network or system. Windows 10 users can also access a range of identity management features, including Active Directory access via the Azure cloud.

This reduces reliance on additional passwords when moving between desktop accounts and cloud services such as Office and the Windows Store, reducing friction for users moving across multiple devices. Windows Hello also offers biometric authentication, two-step authentication with Passport and Device Guard to improve defences against Advanced Persistent Threats. Since the April update, setting up Windows Hello is easier than ever as it can accessed from the lock screen - no need to access the settings app.

This mode means that all of your applications are verified by Microsoft, performance is speedy and web-browsing is limited to Microsoft Edge, meaning malware cannot run on your device. Improved privacy and transparency Microsoft has also been working to broaden its privacy controls of late, and users can access information about the data being collected on them by apps, as well as direct access to the Privacy Statement during the setup process.

There is also a Learn More page on the privacy settings screen, enabling users to jump to specific settings for location, speech recognition, diagnostics, tailored experiences, and ads. Users are also be prompted when apps purchased through the Windows Store want to access key device capabilities or information such as your camera, microphone, contacts, location, and calendar. In a blog post , ahead of the Fall update, Microsoft privacy officer Marisa Rogers wrote: Admins may also decrease IT costs by gaining insights, using Windows Diagnostics, into the computers running Windows 10 in their organisations.

Release and update cycle - Windows-as-a-service Aside from the new functionality of Windows 10, perhaps the biggest change for businesses was the upgrade cycle.

There is an expectation that this will be Microsoft's last full OS release, moving to an incremental rollout framework, which the vendor has referred to as 'Windows-as-a-service'. Microsoft's approach of charging for upgrades has seemed out of step. Although the changes to the update model could be a challenge for IT departments, it helps enterprises avoid falling behind with software versions.

Using the continuous delivery model, code will be updated on a regular basis, meaning users will always have the latest version of the operating system - Microsoft's ultimate goal with Windows Microsoft has attempted to reduce the strain of rolling out Windows But introducing the operating system across a large organisation is always going to be a tricky and costly job.

By creating the secret touch points in the photograph one can design their own password, which becomes tough to crack. By creating one live id , one can access the entire system along with the SkyDrive.

The user gets some handsome of 20 GB of web space, where you can actively upload the content to your private space and download either in pc, mobile or tablet.

Hardware Coming to the hardware it have some different look and it may be the used idea. But displaying it in many vibrant colours it attracts the user and tempt them t0 have hands on use over the devises. More than that, the improved touch interface and the high quality aps available in the market gives a classy look. Application Windows market place have got many classy apps which becomes added advantage to the OS.

Microsoft also forces the third party developers to load the market places with their apps. Cons of windows 8 Operating System Even though Windows 8 have number of features, it fails to satisfy the expected consumer needs. In general Windows 8 means the user friendly but the Windows 8 fails that to so. Trade mark windows start icon is missing which make some part of the consumer unsatisfied.

And the difficulty in shut downing the system irritates the use. And the difficulty in closing the live apps which runs in background are the major drawbacks.

Jul 17, - Microsoft Windows is a common operating system for the home computer users, It is also Microsoft Windows advantages and disadvantages or information technology security (IT security) importance, types, pros and cons. Apr 8, - We've started each OS off with six key considerations, so if you want to just skim, you'll get a good feel for the pros and cons of each system. Jan 23, - The most important announcement at Microsoft's Windows 10 demo in Redmond the And as always there are going to be pros and cons. It means that users always get access to the latest operating system, assuming that.

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Windows 8: Pros and Cons

Mac vs. Aseem Kishore , Twitter: It really also depends a lot on external factors like what other devices you own and what kind of software you use. On the other hand, if you own an iPhone, an iPad, an Apple TV, and an AirPrint enabled printer, then a Mac would fit in really well with those other devices. You can even connect a Mac-formatted drive to a Windows PC and view the files directly. Obviously, this is a very biased and opinionated article, so feel free to share your thoughts if they are different.


7 Reasons You SHOULD Upgrade to Windows 10!

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