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To successfully back up or transfer your library you will need: You will need to merge these to collect all your crates. A folder of all your music files. Sub-folders can be organised however you like, it's just easier to manage one folder for this particular situation. Keeping both of these folders will ensure you can migrate your music to a new computer, or backup your files if you wish to keep your crates and song database.

If you have missing files and want to relocate them, please make sure you read this article on relocating files using the 'Relocate Lost Files' feature. Backing up your data This section will take you through the steps to move your library from your internal hard drive to an external hard drive for backing up: Ensure your Serato Software is closed.

Connect your external hard drive to your computer. Copy all your music files over to your external hard drive preferably in one tidy folder NOTE: Never rename the files themselves when you copy them, they must retain the same original filename as Serato software is reading it's file name in the correct file path, if this gets broken Serato software will read the track as missing in the library. You have now successfully backed up your music, crates, library and database information.

If you wish to move these onto a new computer, follow the steps below: Restoring the back-up on a new computer After you have backed up your data see above , you can now transfer it to a new computer. These steps are pretty much the opposite of the steps to backup, as you are just putting all the information back in it's correct location: Ensure your Serato software is closed. Connect your external backup hard drive to your computer. Move the music files into a location on your computer where you will be keeping all your music.

You can also keep these on your external hard drive to save space. Never rename the files themselves when you copy them, they must retain the same original filename. Open your Serato software. Once this is complete, all the files you've copied will now be flagged as missing in your library don't worry, this is what we want to happen. While still in the Files panel, navigate to the new location where you have copied your music files.

Drag this folder onto the Relocate Lost Files button this button is also in the Files panel. The software should start to read the new location and your files will relocate in your library. When this completes, your library and crates will be matched up to the new location of your files on the internal drive. You have now successfully restored your library from a backup. Please contact the Serato Support team if you have any issues regarding file migration, by lodging an inquiry here.

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*Call of Duty Points (CP) will be accessible in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® once CP are made available in game. Platform and region availability may vary and are subject to change. It's our first MechWarrior campaign in 15 years, and it's singleplayer to boot. Players will have the freedom to choose their faction, travel anywhere in the galaxy, and join other players in co Author: Joseph Knoop. Jan 13,  · Dag, Weet niet of dit de goed plek is, kon mijn onderwerp nergens vinden Ik krijg een nieuwe computer. Heb nog 1,5 jaar Kaspersky internet security lopen. Kan ik die overzetten naar mijn nieuwe computer.? hoe? Door de code in te toetsen?

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Backing up and moving your library to a new computer – Serato Support

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