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Apr 11,  · Hi team, Can a customer have the following mix in his tenant: Office Business Essentials - Office Business Premium - Enterprise E1 - Enterprise E3 I know for a fact based on. Yes, you can mix and match Office plans. Please note that there are some license limitations at the plan level. The Office Business, Business Essentials, and Business Premium plans each have a limit of users, while the Enterprise plans are for an unlimited number of users. Get started with Office by signing up for a subscription and choosing a plan for your business. Video training for admins covering Office small business basics. You can mix and match plans! For example, you can buy the Premium plan and licenses only for those employees who are going to use it. After that's done, you can add a.

Collapse all How do I get support if I run into problems with Office ? There are additional support options depending on what stage of the decision to upgrade to Office See all of support options at Office Support. Does Office work when I am not connected to the Internet? Who has access to my information stored on Office ?

See Who can access your data and on what terms for more details. What forms of payment can I use? You can pay with all major credit cards, and your subscription amount will appear on your credit card statement.

For Office business plans, you have the option to receive an invoice and, depending on your choice of services, you will be billed monthly or annually. You receive an email message when your invoice is ready to be viewed and, if a purchase order number is entered when you buy your subscription, that number is included in your invoice.

To provide customers with the greatest amount of flexibility, different payment options are available. Office Business, Business Essentials, and Business Premium plans are available for monthly commitment payment or annual commitment payment. Monthly commitment payment: You pay month by month, and you can cancel at any time. Annual commitment payment: You sign up for a one-year subscription, but you can choose to pay month to month or pay for the entire year at the time you sign up.

There is a discount for using this payment option. The Office Enterprise plans including standalone plans such as Exchange Online and Office ProPlus are available for annual commitment payment. Can I switch to other Office plans? If you need to upgrade, you can transition your account to a different plan. For example, you can upgrade from an Office Business plan to an Office Enterprise plan.

Can I mix and match different Office plans? Yes, you can mix and match Office plans. Please note that there are some license limitations at the plan level. The Office Business, Business Essentials, and Business Premium plans each have a limit of users, while the Enterprise plans are for an unlimited number of users.

For example, you can purchase Business Premium seats, Business Essentials seats, and Enterprise E3 seats on a single tenant. Can I purchase Office add-on services to supplement my business subscription? Many customers purchase a business SKU and then depending on their need they can choose to buy any number of add-on Office Services to round out their Office implementation.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time? You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, depending on the product and the type of subscription you have, there may be a penalty for canceling before the end of your contract. For subscriptions with a monthly commitment payment, there is no penalty for canceling your contract at any time. Annual commitment subscriptions that are paid month to month may incur some penalties if canceled early.

Annual commitment subscriptions that are paid up front do not receive a refund if canceled prior to the full contract period. Read the complete Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement. What happens to my data if I cancel my subscription? Your data is yours. If you decide to cancel your Office subscription, you can download your data—for example, your email and documents on team sites—and save it to another location.

You should save your data before you cancel. After you cancel your subscription, data associated with your Office account will be available to your administrator s in a limited function account for 90 days. I will need extra help setting up Office Who can help?

Microsoft has an excellent ecosystem of partners who are experts in the setup, onboarding, and deployment of Office They can also work with you to develop custom solutions for your business. You can find a Microsoft Partner in your area. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. See countries and regions that are supported for more information.

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Oct 22,  · Important. While a service may be available across Office plans, the features available in each plan may differ. To see the details of features that are available for each plan, refer to the individual service description or contact your Reseller or Microsoft sales representative for more information. Using Mix with Office Video. Office for business Office Admin Office Video More Less. Note: Office Video will be replaced by Microsoft Stream. To learn more about the new enterprise video service that adds intelligence to video collaboration and learn about the transition plans for current Office Video customers. Microsoft Office FAQs. What's the difference between Microsoft Azure and Office ? Does Office integrate with other Products? What's the key difference between the Office E1 and E3 plans? Can I mix and match my Office plans? Is there educational or discount pricing for organisations? View All FAQs >>.

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Enterprise E5 Enterprise K1 Note that in Enterprise E1, online versions of the Office Applications are available, but fully installed Desktop applications are not available. Once again, you can use the following decision tree to decide which plan you would like for your users. Remember, you can mix and match plans just as with the Business plan. The Enterprise K1 plan, also referred to as a Kiosk plan, is typically used for employees without a desk, such as shift workers or retail staff.

The purpose of this plan is to improve collaboration and communication amongst these staff members. You will find that the K1 plan is the cheapest plan amongst the Enterprise Service Family and is limited in terms of functionality. The Enterprise E3 plan provides one of the most comprehensive set of tools and also includes fully installed versions of the Office Desktop Applications.

Only the E5 license trumps the E3 and the features that the E5 offers are typically required by a small subset of the users in an Organization; albeit I have heard of organizations that have chosen E5 for all of their users.

Find the right fit for you and your business Office Service Families and Plans might seem overwhelming at first. However, when you break them down into logical sections and use a simple decision tree to decide on the features required for the various users, you can easily work out the type of plan you need for your various users.

Remember that you can only have a maximum of users within the O Business Service Family plans. Also, you can mix and match plans for your users so that you are maximizing cost efficiency. The Enterprise E3 plan is the most popular Office plan. A former systems administrator, she brings her decade-long field experience to SherWeb's marketing department, with her broad knowledge of cloud computing and service management. She has a passionate interest in singing in vocal ensembles and learning foreign languages.

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