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MapPoint North America includes detailed geographic coverage for: In addition, MapPoint Europe provides some street-level coverage, but does not support address find, for: Tap into existing data sources. Tell a story, visually. Insert maps into Word documents and PowerPoint presentations to illustrate everything from sales performance to customer locations.

Extend your business. Take advantage of the extensible MapPoint object model to build custom business solutions such as fleet tracking and business intelligence. Explore the Features of MapPoint Get up-to-date geographic information and trip planning tools. MapPoint European edition is available in English. Define custom territories and analyze performance by geography.

Find optimal routes by calculating mileage, drive times, and expenses in advance. Get detailed maps and driving directions. Add maps to Microsoft Office documents and presentations. Build custom solutions with the extensible MapPoint object model. Create sales territories and share performance maps to clearly visualize, analyze, and communicate performance. Include pushpin images from previous versions of MapPoint.

Combine business data with demographics to find and target potential customers, and focus your business decisions. Insert maps into the work you do in Microsoft Office, and build custom solutions and Office add-ins.

More Points of Interest: Improved GPS functionality: New in MapPoint Make your maps easier to use and presentation-worthy. MapPoint lets you control what appears on your map so that you can eliminate clutter and make your maps more visually appealing than ever before.

Do you need to show only major city labels, county boundary lines, or highways or toll roads on your map? You can also individually turn on or off symbols or labels for: Cities by population Boundaries for country, state or province, county, postal code, or 3 digit postal code. Transportation, including: Other geographic symbols, including: Easily change the font size of labels on your maps for better viewing.

Create customized default settings of the map view to match your personal settings and preferences. You can save your own custom map settings so that your settings are automatically applied to the map when you reopen it. More Pushpins — over pushpins included to give you more control than ever before for how you map data.

Manage pushpins — hide a sub-set of pushpins without deleting them if you only want to display the locations in a certain area. Show all of the pushpin information boxes or hide them all at once.

Hide an entire dataset of pushpins from the map without deleting them. Refreshed Data — Use updated geographic data in MapPoint to display trends and illustrate key points on maps. Easy to Reroute — You can select the roads you prefer to travel, choose major areas to include or avoid , and define routes based on your desired travel speeds.

Drag and drop your route to go around a road or area. If you have a GPS navigation device that can record.

Mar 02,  · Streets & Trips helps turn a trip into an adventure, with more than million points of interest to help you find fun places to stop along the way and you don't even need an Internet connection! Microsoft Streets & Trips requires: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server (32 bit) or Windows XP (32 bit)/5(). Now that Microsoft has chosen to discontinue MapPoint and Streets and Trips, many sales reps are looking for a replacement program. Fortunately, now there is Badger Maps, a sales mapping software that is superior to both MapPoint and Streets and Trips.. Badger helps . Discount Microsoft Streets & Trips Aug 26, · After upgrading to Windows 10, my existing program Microsoft Streets & Trips - did not work, so I downloaded Microsoft Streets & Trips - from a Microsoft Jun 26, · Download Microsoft MapPoint and Microsoft Streets & Trips Construction Data Update from Official Microsoft Download Center.

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